5 simple ways to cut your wedding cost.


  1. The Guest List Your coworker you had a few drinks with last December after work is not invited. A good guest count to aim for is 100. 20 mutual friends, 40 of his guest and 40 of her guest.
  2. The Venue Seek a non’traditional venue that allows outside catering. Search for park districts, art studios or open loft spaces.
  3. The Menu A well staffed buffet dinner and BYOB. No I’m not saying the guest should bring a bottle. Just ask your venue if you can provide your own alcohol and order food from your favorite restaurant.
  4. Floral To eliminate the floral arrangements or not? While most suggest cutting or eliminating flowers from your wedding. I suggest Mariano’s, YouTube and a few good friends! YouTube is flooded with how to videos on creating beautiful centerpieces. Find one you really like order the flowers from Mariano’s and gather a few good friends 24 hours before the wedding to help you assemble them. This may be a good way to kick off your bachelorette party.
  5. Stationery Letter press invitations in gold envelopes are beautiful but they’re not a necessity if you’re a bride on a budget. Create your own stationery using Canva or Vistaprint.

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